Code Makes Art is a generative art platform bringing new and expressive art to the Ethereum blockchain. Each piece is provably unique and no two pieces are the same.

How it works

Code Makes Art hosts generative art projects as ERC-721 or ERC-1155 compliant "non-fungible" tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The verified contract address for Quasars is 0xe76512736a75C.

When a piece of art is minted, it gets assigned a unique pseudo-random number called seed. Then this seed is passed to the algorithm that transforms it into a set of distinct features of the final image. The same seed always produces the same artwork, and every NFT token has a different seed.

The source code for every generative project is hosted directly on the Ethereum blockchain making it independent from this website, OpenSea or any other centralized service.

Cost & royalties

Royalties are 5% adding up to a total of 7.5% when selling on OpenSea.


Code Makes Art is designed and developed by our mighty team. Get in touch if you're interested in working on web3 projects together.